With proper aftercare, CO2 laser resurfacing can provide dramatic and long-lasting improvements in the health and appearance of the skin. At Spa Aesthetica Medical Spa in Orange County, CO2 laser resurfacing treatments are frequently performed to minimize wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, and shallow scars.

To ensure optimal healing and maximum improvements after a CO2 laser skin treatment, we provide our patients with comprehensive post-treatment care instructions, which include recommendations regarding:


Most patients opt to take three to five days off work to allow redness, scabbing, and peeling to resolve.

Post-treatment anti-viral medication

As a preventative measure, you will be instructed to take an oral anti-viral prescription medication during the first stage of your CO2 laser resurfacing recovery.

Morning and evening skincare protocols

It is imperative that the skin does not become dehydrated as it heals, so we advise our patients to follow specific skincare routines in both the morning and evening for seven days after CO2 laser resurfacing.

In the morning, you’ll use lukewarm water and Obagi Gentle Cleanser to wash the treated skin. Make sure not to rub or pull the skin as you wash, rinse, and dry the area. Next, you’ll apply a gel moisturizer called Climate Control. You’ll then apply Oxygenetix Healing Ointment to all treated skin. If the skin starts to feel dry at any time throughout the day, reapply Climate Control.

In the evening, you’ll follow the same cleansing protocol as in the morning. Then, you’ll use Laser Balm to moisturize the treated skin. Laser Balm can be reapplied, as needed, to prevent the skin from drying out and cracking.

Special post-treatment care of the eye area

If the upper eyelids were treated with CO laser resurfacing, you will need to cleanse that area with cool water only. Gently pat or dab the eyelids dry with a towel. Use artificial tears if you experience dry eyes as you recover.

General hygiene

To minimize the risk of infection and promote optimal results, be sure to wash your hands before you begin your morning, evening, and eye area skincare protocols. Also, take care to ensure your pillow case is smooth and changed daily.

Physical activity restrictions

To encourage expedient healing, you will be advised to limit your physical activity for about a week after your CO2 laser resurfacing procedure.


In addition to the use of Climate Control and Laser Balm to keep the skin moisturized, drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day.

Sun exposure

Keep the treated area out of the sun for at least six months, as the skin is especially susceptible to sun damage after CO2 laser resurfacing. It is recommended that you wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, along with using a quality sunscreen, such as Obagi Sun Shield, for sun protection.

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