Vitamin injections maintain good health and have been shown to be beneficial in helping to: Reduce stress, fatigue, improve memory and cardiovascular health, and maintain a good body weight. It can also assist the body in converting proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy and is necessary for healthy skin and eyes.

Vitamin injections are better absorbed by the body since they go directly into the blood stream. Alternatives to vitamin injections are oral vitamins, B12 patch, lozenges, liquid drops, and nasal spray.

  1. Risks: I understand there is a risk of mild diarrhea, upset stomach, nausea, a feeling of pain and a warm sensation at the site of the injection, a feeling, or a sense, of being swollen over the entire body, headache and joint pain.
  2. If any of these side effects become severe or troublesome, I will contact my physician immediately.
  3. I understand that although rare, vitamin injections can result in serious side effects. Although this is a relatively rare occurrence, anyone taking vitamin injections should be aware of the possibility.

    Uncommon Side Effects:

    • Rapid heartbeat Dizziness
    • Chest pain Confusion
    • Flushed face
    • Tight feelings in the chest
    • Muscle cramps & weakness
    • Hives, skin rashes
    • Difficulty breathing and swallowing
    • Shortness of breath when there is no physical exertion and unusual wheezing and coughing
  4. Before starting Vitamin injections, I will make sure to tell my physician if I am pregnant, lactating, or have any of the following conditions:
    • Leber’s disease
    • Folic acid deficiency
    • Flushed face
    • Kidney disease
    • Receiving any treatment that has an effect on bone marrow
    • Liver disease
    • Taking any medication that has an effect on bone marrow
    • An infection
    • An allergy to Cobalt or any other medication, vitamin, dye, food or preservative
    • Iron deficiency
  5. I understand that certain herbal products, vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, and prescription and non-prescription medications may result in side effects when they interact with the vitamin injection.
  6. I understand that I will be receiving a B12 vitamin injection or a vitamin and Amino Acid injection consisting of Vitamin B12, methionine, inositol, and choline. This injection is commonly referred to as a Lipotropic Injection or a MIC-B12 “fat burner” injection.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out by calling OR texting us (714) 937-0772 or emailing

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