If you’re considering getting an IPL treatment, it’s incredibly important to know about the best ways to prepare for an IPL treatment session. This will ensure that you end up with the skin-revitalization results you want and that you avoid any unexpected complications from the treatment.

#1: Consult with a Skincare Expert

The best way to prepare for your IPL treatment session is setting up a meeting with a skincare expert. These experts will ask you about the issues you’d like to have treated and will then tell you whether IPL is the right treatment option for you.

Your skincare expert will examine your skin to determine tone and type. It’s important to remember that darker skin tones may not be safe for IPL treatments and that because of this, lighter tones are preferred. Patients who have suntanned skin are also not good candidates for an IPL treatment.

During the consultation, you will talk to your skincare expert about your complete medical history. This will include all current medications and supplements, past treatments, pre-existing medical conditions, and allergies. This ensures that your skincare expert is made aware of any factors that could lead to complications with the treatment. Certain medications make the skin more sensitive to light, and certain medical conditions can affect candidacy for the treatment.

If you are a good candidate for the treatment, then your skincare professional will tell you more about what to expect. They will also give you detailed instructions regarding preparation for your IPL treatment session.

#2: Avoid Certain Skincare Products

Don’t apply certain skin products before your IPL session. Retinol products can make your skin more sensitive to light, which can result in issues with IPL. Any creams that contain glycolic acid or vitamin A must be avoided for one week before the date of the session. Self-tanners should also be avoided for a minimum of two weeks beforehand, if not a full month.

#3: Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can result in tanned skin and sun damage. This can have negative effects on your IPL treatment. If you tan before your treatment session, your skin tissues will create more melanin pigment. This interferes with the intense pulses of light utilized in IPL treatments, making results less effective.

To avoid these issues, ensure that your skin is protected properly for at least two weeks before the IPL treatment session. It will be necessary to wear clothing that protects your skin from sunlight. It’s also vital to choose a proper sunscreen. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is highly recommended, and regular reapplication is key.

Because of the harmful effects of UV rays, the best time to undergo an IPL treatment session is during autumn or winter. This ensures that the sun will not be as strong.

If you experience sun damage or tanning before an IPL treatment, you will need to postpone your session. Because of this, avoiding prolonged sun exposure is key.

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