If you’re considering Botox but feel overwhelmed by questions and uncertainties, you’re not alone. We sat down with Rocky, a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner at Spa Aesthetica, for a real talk about her personal Botox journey, offering invaluable insights into this popular anti-aging treatment.

How Old Is Rocky and How Many Units of Botox Does She Get?

At 33, Rocky uses 54 units of Botox in her anti-aging regimen. “I distribute these units across different facial areas – 20 units in my glabella (the frown lines), 10 units across my forehead, 10 units around each eye to combat crow’s feet, and then 2 units for those fine wrinkles or ‘bunnies’ near my nose,” she explains.

Rocky’s Botox Journey: Has She Always Used That Many Units?

Interestingly, Rocky didn’t start with 54 units. As she aged, her wrinkle severity increased, and her collagen and elasticity declined, pushing her to gradually increase her Botox dosage. “I started with around 30 units and then increased to 40 units a year later. For the past couple of years, I’ve been using 54 units,” she shares.

How Long Has Rocky Been Getting Botox?

Rocky has been a Botox user for almost seven years. She also wisely switches to Dysport occasionally to prevent developing resistance to Botox. “If your Botox effects don’t seem to last as long as before, consider switching to a new neuromodulator temporarily, then you can switch back,” she advises.

How Many Units of Botox Should a New User Get?

This is a common question among Botox beginners, and the answer is highly individual. “Evaluate how much facial movement you desire and communicate your expectations clearly to your injector. We’re here to assist you and want you to be happy with the result. Open and honest communication is key,” Rocky emphasizes.

What Age Can Someone Start Getting Botox?

Rocky recommends starting Botox as a preventative measure as early as in your 20s. “Some of my patients, as young as 21 or 22, get ‘Baby Tox’, a lighter and refreshing version of the treatment. Starting young can mean fewer wrinkles as they age. However, it’s never too late to start,” she reassures.

Botox has revolutionized aesthetic medicine, offering an effective solution to wrinkles and fine lines. But remember, the key to successful treatment lies in choosing a skilled injector and having open conversations about your aesthetic goals.

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