Aging, childbirth, and other factors may cause the vaginal tissues to darken and lose strength and elasticity. This can lead to additional issues, such as sagging skin and self-consciousness. The Pink Intimate System for vaginal wellness is a gentle chemical peel that can address these problems, helping to restore a youthful and revitalized vagina. This rejuvenating peel offers a number of benefits.

Brightening Results

If you’re looking to brighten your intimate area, the Pink Intimate System is designed for use in the mons pubis, perianal region, labia majora, bikini area, labia majora, and inguinal area. Pink Intimate also helps to brighten the underarms and nipples.

Nourishing and Soothing Ingredients

Pink Intimate is formulated using clinically proven ingredients like enhanced kojic acid, glutathione, bisabolol, vitamin B12, and glycyrrhetinic acid. Other ingredients include modulated chloroacetic acid, retinol, and licorice extract.

These ingredients offer a number of benefits. Kojic acid from fermented rice grains is a natural skin lightener. Modulated chloroacetic acid enhances the skin’s permeability to improve the solution’s absorption into the skin. Bisabolol soothes and calms irritation, while retinol improves collagen release.

Improved Overall Appearance

External labial sagging may embarrass you, discouraging you from getting into intimate moments. The Pink Intimate System has an immediate lifting effect that makes the vaginal skin firmer, improving the area’s appearance. Additionally, the Pink Intimate System reduces redness and unwanted hair growth.

Completely Non-Invasive

Some women are worried about the risks of undergoing a surgical procedure, such as vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, or clitoral hood reduction, especially since anesthesia is involved. If you want to avoid going under the knife, it’s time to try the Pink Intimate System.

This non-invasive vaginal-rejuvenation option involves no scalpels, incisions, needles, or anesthesia of any kind. It’s comparable to a light facial chemical peel, and because it’s FDA-approved, it’s quite safe. It involves no discomfort and requires no downtime. You can resume your normal activities after getting the treatment.

Things to Remember

The Pink Intimate System provides immediate results to restore your vagina’s former youthful appearance. Weekly sessions are encouraged for five to six weeks to achieve optimal results.

You’ll need to follow the recommended pre-treatment instructions to ensure you get the best results. Avoid waxing, shaving, or tweezing three days before application of the Pink Intimate System; this keeps the skin intact and free from any irritation or rashes.

Schedule a Consultation

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